Musique moderne

16 Horsepower Artiste Pistes
Low Estate 16 Horsepower 14
AC/DC Artiste Pistes
Back in Black AC/DC 10
If You Want Blood You've Got It AC/DC 10
Live AC/DC 23
Stuff Upper Lip AC/DC 12
Ballbreaker AC/DC 11
Black Ice AC/DC 15
For Those About To Rock AC/DC 10
Highway To Hell AC/DC 10
Let There Be Rock AC/DC 8
Powerage AC/DC 9
Razor Edge, The AC/DC 12
Blow Up Your Video AC/DC 10
Air Artiste Pistes
Moon Safari Air 10
10000 Hz Legend Air 11
Love 2 Air 12
Alanis Morissette Artiste Pistes
Jagged Little Pill Alanis Morissette 13
Alice in Videoland Artiste Pistes
Maiden Voyage Plus Alice in Videoland 15
Outrageous Alice in Videoland 10
She Is a Machine Alice in Videoland 8
A Million Thoughts and They're All About You Alice in Videoland 11
Ani DiFranco Artiste Pistes
Dilate Ani DiFranco 11
Not a Pretty Girl Ani DiFranco 14
Living In Clip Ani DiFranco 31
Arcade Fire (The) Artiste Pistes
Funeral Arcade Fire (The) 10
Suburbs, The Arcade Fire (The) 16
Reflektor Arcade Fire (The) 13
Everything Now Arcade Fire (The) 13
Archive Artiste Pistes
Controlling Crowds Archive 13
Lights Archive 11
Noise Archive 11
Take My Head Archive 10
You All Look the Same to Me Archive 14
Axiom Archive 7
Controlling Crowds Part IV Archive 11
Londinium Archive 13
Restriction Archive 12
Ash Artiste Pistes
1977 Ash 12
Nuclear Sounds Ash 12
Ashbury Heights Artiste Pistes
Three Cheers for the Newly Deads Ashbury Heights 15
Morningstar In A Black Car Ashbury Heights 9
Take Cair Paramour Ashbury Heights 23
At the Drive-In Artiste Pistes
Relationship Of Command At the Drive-In 11
Au Revoir Simone Artiste Pistes
Still Night, Still Light Au Revoir Simone 13
Bird of Music, The Au Revoir Simone 11
Verses of Comfort, Assurance, and Salvation Au Revoir Simone 8
Move In Spectrums Au Revoir Simone 11
Avicii Artiste Pistes
Stories Avicii 14
True Avicii 10
B52's (The) Artiste Pistes
Best of / Dance This Mess Around B52's (The) 13
Cosmic Thing B52's (The) 10
Good Stuff B52's (The) 10
Whammy B52's (The) 9
Bad Religion Artiste Pistes
Against the Grain Bad Religion 17
Generator Bad Religion 13
No Control Bad Religion 15
Recipe for Hate Bad Religion 14
Stranger Than Fiction Bad Religion 15
Suffer Bad Religion 15
Empire Strikes First, The Bad Religion 14
Process of Belief, The Bad Religion 14
Bardo Pond Artiste Pistes
On the Ellipse Bardo Pond 6
Beatles (The) Artiste Pistes
1962-1966 Beatles (The) 26
1967-1970 Beatles (The) 28
Belle and Sebastian Artiste Pistes
If You're Feeling Sinister Belle and Sebastian 10
Boy with the Arab Strap, The Belle and Sebastian 12
Tigermilk Belle and Sebastian 10
Fold Your Hands Child, You Walk Like A Peasant Belle and Sebastian 11
Girls in Peacetime Want to Dance Belle and Sebastian 16
Belly Artiste Pistes
King Belly 11
Berry Chuck Artiste Pistes
Best of Berry Chuck 18
Beth Ditto Artiste Pistes
Fake Sugar Beth Ditto 12
Bjork Artiste Pistes
Debut Bjork 12
Post Bjork 11
Black Eyed Peas Artiste Pistes
END, The Black Eyed Peas 17
Black Francis Artiste Pistes
Svn Fngrs Black Francis 7
Blondie Artiste Pistes
Best of / Atomic Blondie 21
Blues Brothers (The) Artiste Pistes
Best of / Everybody Needs Blues Brothers (The) 16
Blur Artiste Pistes
Blur Blur 14
Bowie David Artiste Pistes
Best of / The Singles Collection Bowie David 37
Heathen Bowie David 12
Brad Sucks Artiste Pistes
I Don't Know What I'm Doing Brad Sucks 12
Out of It Brad Sucks 10
Breeders (The) Artiste Pistes
Last Splash Breeders (The) 15
Mountain Battles Breeders (The) 13
Pod Breeders (The) 12
Titled TK Breeders (The) 12
Brett Dennen Artiste Pistes
So Much More Brett Dennen 12
Buckley Jeff Artiste Pistes
Grace Buckley Jeff 10
Buckley Tim Artiste Pistes
Live in London 1968 Buckley Tim 16
Bush Kate Artiste Pistes
Best of / The Whole Story Bush Kate 12
Sensual World, The Bush Kate 11
Cabrel Francis Artiste Pistes
D'une Ombre À L'autre Cabrel Francis 43
Calvin Harris Artiste Pistes
I Created Disco Calvin Harris 14
Ready for the Weekend Calvin Harris 14
Motion Calvin Harris 15
18 Months Calvin Harris 15
Camille Artiste Pistes
Le Fil Camille 15
Le Sac Des Filles Camille 11
Live Au Trianon Camille 21
Music Hole Camille 11
Cansei de Ser Sexy Artiste Pistes
Cansei de Ser Sexy Cansei de Ser Sexy 11
Donkey Cansei de Ser Sexy 11
Planta Cansei de Ser Sexy 11
La Liberacion Cansei de Ser Sexy 11
Captain Beefheart Artiste Pistes
Shiny Beast Captain Beefheart 12
Carmel Artiste Pistes
Drum Is Everything, The Carmel 10
Falling, The Carmel 9
Cat Power Artiste Pistes
What Would The Community Think Cat Power 12
Chao Manu Artiste Pistes
Clandestino Chao Manu 16
Esperanza Chao Manu 17
Radio Bemba Sound System Chao Manu 29
Chemical Brothers (The) Artiste Pistes
Singles 93-03 Chemical Brothers (The) 13
We Are the Night Chemical Brothers (The) 12
Further Chemical Brothers (The) 9
Born in the Echoes Chemical Brothers (The) 15
Come With Us Chemical Brothers (The) 10
Dig Your Own Hole Chemical Brothers (The) 11
Exit Planet Dust Chemical Brothers (The) 11
Push The Button Chemical Brothers (The) 11
Surrender Chemical Brothers (The) 12
Cherry Bikini Artiste Pistes
13 Cherry Bikini 13
Cherry Bikini Cherry Bikini 10
Dream Days Cherry Bikini 11
Chicks on Speed Artiste Pistes
99 Cents Chicks on Speed 11
Chicks on Speed Will Save Us All Chicks on Speed 13
Chvrches Artiste Pistes
Every Open Eye Chvrches 14
Bones of What You Believe, The Chvrches 15
Clapton Eric Artiste Pistes
Live Just One Night Clapton Eric 14
Clash (The) Artiste Pistes
Best of / The Singles Clash (The) 18
Client Artiste Pistes
Can You Feel Client 6
City Client 13
Client Client 12
Heartland Client 11
Metropolis Client 12
Untitled Remix Client 12
Command Client 15
Authority Client 12
Cocker Joe Artiste Pistes
Live Cocker Joe 15
Coldplay Artiste Pistes
A Rush of Blood to the Head Coldplay 11
Parachutes Coldplay 10
Viva La Vida Coldplay 10
A Head Full Of Dreams Coldplay 11
Ghost Stories Coldplay 9
Mylo Xyloto Coldplay 14
X&Y Coldplay 13
Cole Loyd and the Commotions Artiste Pistes
Best of / 1984-1989 Cole Loyd and the Commotions 15
Compilation Artiste Pistes
25 Géants Du Jazz Compilation 22
Good Morning Vietnam Compilation 12
Les Inrockuptibles – 100 Trésors Cachés Compilation 100
Snatch Compilation 23
Stand by Me Compilation 10
We're a Happy Family / A Tribute to Ramones Compilation 16
Compulsion Artiste Pistes
Hi-Fi Compulsion 11
Costello Elvis Artiste Pistes
Best of / Girls Girls Girls Costello Elvis 47
Cours Lola Cours Artiste Pistes
Cours Lola Cours Cours Lola Cours 15
Creedence Clearwater Revival Artiste Pistes
Best of / Chronicle 1 Creedence Clearwater Revival 20
Best of / Chronicle 2 Creedence Clearwater Revival 20
Cure (The) Artiste Pistes
Best of / Staring at the Sea Cure (The) 17
Best Of - The Cure Cure (The) 25
Daft Punk Artiste Pistes
Alive 2007 Daft Punk 12
Discovery Daft Punk 14
Homework Daft Punk 16
Human After All Daft Punk 10
Random Access Memories Daft Punk 13
Danger Artiste Pistes
09-14-2007 Danger 4
09-16-2007 Danger 4
09-17-2007 Danger 5
David Guetta Artiste Pistes
Pop Life David Guetta 16
One Love David Guetta 16
Guetta Blaster David Guetta 12
Nothing But The Beat David Guetta 23
Listen David Guetta 18
Death Cab For Cutie Artiste Pistes
Transatlanticism Death Cab For Cutie 11
Death in Vegas Artiste Pistes
Dead Elvis Death in Vegas 12
Satan's Circus Death in Vegas 11
Scorpio Rising Death in Vegas 10
Contino Sessions, The Death in Vegas 9
Depeche Mode Artiste Pistes
Black Celebration Depeche Mode 12
Playing the Angel Depeche Mode 12
Some Great Reward Depeche Mode 9
Songs of Faith and Devotion Depeche Mode 10
Violator Depeche Mode 9
Dido Artiste Pistes
Life for Rent Dido 11
No Angel Dido 12
Dinosaur Jr Artiste Pistes
Bug Dinosaur Jr 9
Fossils Dinosaur Jr 8
Green Mind Dinosaur Jr 10
Where You Been Dinosaur Jr 10
Without a Sound Dinosaur Jr 11
Dire Straits Artiste Pistes
Dire Straits Dire Straits 9
Brothers In Arms Dire Straits 9
Communiqué Dire Straits 9
Love Over Gold Dire Straits 5
Making Movies Dire Straits 7
On Every Street Dire Straits 12
Alchemy Live Dire Straits 11
Doors (The) Artiste Pistes
Best of Doors (The) 19
Drake Nick Artiste Pistes
Heaven in a Wild Flower Drake Nick 14
Dylan Bob Artiste Pistes
Live / The Band Dylan Bob 21
Highway 61 Revisited Dylan Bob 9
Echobelly Artiste Pistes
Everyone's Got One Echobelly 11
On Echobelly 12
On Echobelly 2
Eels Artiste Pistes
Beautiful Freaks Eels 12
Daisies of the Galaxy Eels 14
Electro-Shock Blues Eels 16
Souljacker Eels 12
Elastica Artiste Pistes
Elastica Elastica 16
Menace, The Elastica 13
Electrelane Artiste Pistes
Axes Electrelane 13
Rock It to the Moon Electrelane 11
Power Out, The Electrelane 11
No Shouts, No Calls Electrelane 11
Electrocute Artiste Pistes
Troublesome Bubblegum Electrocute 14
Double Diamond Electrocute 12
Elliot Smith Artiste Pistes
Either or Elliot Smith 12
Figure 8 Elliot Smith 16
Roman Candle Elliot Smith 9
Xo Elliot Smith 14
Emilie Simon Artiste Pistes
Emilie Simon Emilie Simon 16
La Marche de L'Empereur Emilie Simon 14
Big Machine, The Emilie Simon 12
Enya Artiste Pistes
Sheperd Moons Enya 12
Watermark Enya 11
Faint (The) Artiste Pistes
Wet from Birth Faint (The) 10
Danse Macabre Faint (The) 9
Doom Abuse Faint (The) 12
Fasciinatiion Faint (The) 10
Faithfull Marianne Artiste Pistes
Broken English Faithfull Marianne 8
Fat Boy Slim Artiste Pistes
Halfway Between The Gutter And The Stars Fat Boy Slim 11
You've Come a Long Way, Baby Fat Boy Slim 11
Felix Da Housecat Artiste Pistes
Devin Dazzle and the Neon Fever Felix Da Housecat 15
Kittenz And Thee Glitz Felix Da Housecat 16
Fever Ray Artiste Pistes
Fever Ray Fever Ray 10
Fischerspooner Artiste Pistes
#1 Fischerspooner 13
Odyssey Fischerspooner 11
Entertainement Fischerspooner 10
Fitzgerald Ella Artiste Pistes
Mack the Knife / Ella in Berlin Fitzgerald Ella 9
Returns to Berlin Fitzgerald Ella 21
Fleetwood Mac Artiste Pistes
Very Best of Fleetwood Mac, The Fleetwood Mac 21
Florence and the Machine Artiste Pistes
How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful Florence and the Machine 16
Lungs Florence and the Machine 20
Ceremonials Florence and the Machine 15
Foo Fighters Artiste Pistes
In Your Honor Foo Fighters 20
Frank Black Artiste Pistes
Black Session Frank Black 18
Christmass Frank Black 33
Cult of Ray Frank Black 13
Fast Man, Raider Man Frank Black 27
Frank Black Frank Black 15
Frank Black Francis Frank Black 28
Hang on to Your Ego Frank Black 3
Headache Frank Black 4
No Big Deal Frank Black 18
Odd Balls Frank Black 14
Teenager of the Year Frank Black 22
Dream Is over, The Frank Black 24
Frank Black and the Catholics Artiste Pistes
Black Letter Days Frank Black and the Catholics 18
Devil's Workshops Frank Black and the Catholics 11
Dog in the Sand Frank Black and the Catholics 12
Frank Black and the Catholics Frank Black and the Catholics 16
Pistolero Frank Black and the Catholics 14
Show Me Your Tears Frank Black and the Catholics 13
Sunday Sunny Mill Valley Groove Day Frank Black and the Catholics 10
Franklin Aretha Artiste Pistes
Best of Franklin Aretha 20
Franz Ferdinand Artiste Pistes
Franz Ferdinand Franz Ferdinand 11
Tonight: Franz Ferdinand Franz Ferdinand 12
You Could Have It So Much Better Franz Ferdinand 13
Freezepop Artiste Pistes
Fancy Ultra-Fresh Freezepop 13
Forever Freezepop 12
Future Future Future Perfect Freezepop 11
Garbage Artiste Pistes
Beautiful Garbage Garbage 14
Garbage Garbage 12
Version 2.0 Garbage 12
Not Your Kind of People Garbage 11
Goldfrapp Artiste Pistes
Black Cherry Goldfrapp 10
Supernature Goldfrapp 11
Head First Goldfrapp 9
Gossip (The) Artiste Pistes
Standing In The Way Of Control Gossip (The) 10
Music for Men Gossip (The) 12
A Joyful Noise Gossip (The) 13
Grand Duchy Artiste Pistes
Petits Fours Grand Duchy 9
Grandaddy Artiste Pistes
Sumday Grandaddy 12
Gun's and Roses Artiste Pistes
Appetite for Destruction Gun's and Roses 12
Harper Ben Artiste Pistes
Burn to Shine Harper Ben 12
Fight for Your Mind Harper Ben 14
Will to Live, The Harper Ben 12
Welcome to the Cruel World Harper Ben 13
Heather Nova Artiste Pistes
Siren Heather Nova 14
Storm Heather Nova 11
Hedges Michael Artiste Pistes
Aerial Boundaries Hedges Michael 9
Helen Merril and Gil Evans Artiste Pistes
Collaboration Helen Merril and Gil Evans 12
Hendrix Jimi Artiste Pistes
Best of / The Ultimate Experience Hendrix Jimi 20
Hipsway Artiste Pistes
Hipsway Hipsway 12
Hole Artiste Pistes
Celebrity Skin Hole 12
Live Through This Hole 12
Hope Sandoval and the Warm Inventions Artiste Pistes
Bavarian Fruit Bread Hope Sandoval and the Warm Inventions 12
Housemartins (The) Artiste Pistes
London 0 Hull 4 Housemartins (The) 16
People Who Grinned Themselves To Death, The Housemartins (The) 12
Hushpuppies Artiste Pistes
Trap Hushpuppies 12
Hüsker Dü Artiste Pistes
New Day Rising Hüsker Dü 15
IAMX Artiste Pistes
Alternative, The IAMX 11
Kiss and Swallow IAMX 13
INXS Artiste Pistes
Kick INXS 12
Iron Maiden Artiste Pistes
Iron Maiden Iron Maiden 9
Jackson Joe Artiste Pistes
Best of / Stepping out Jackson Joe 15
Jumpin Jive Jackson Joe 12
Night and Day Jackson Joe 9
Jamie Xx Artiste Pistes
In Colour Jamie Xx 11
Jan Garbarek Artiste Pistes
Madar Jan Garbarek 9
Janelle Monae Artiste Pistes
Archandroid, The Janelle Monae 18
Janes Addiction Artiste Pistes
Ritual de Lo Habitual Janes Addiction 9
Janis Joplin Artiste Pistes
Best of / Janis Joplin Janis Joplin 17
Jarrett Keith Artiste Pistes
La Scala Jarrett Keith 3
My Song Jarrett Keith 6
Köln Concert, The Jarrett Keith 4
Jesus and Mary Chain (The) Artiste Pistes
Automatic Jesus and Mary Chain (The) 12
Darklands Jesus and Mary Chain (The) 10
Psychocandy Jesus and Mary Chain (The) 15
Stoned and Dethroned Jesus and Mary Chain (The) 17
Sound of Speed, The Jesus and Mary Chain (The) 20
Damage and Joy Jesus and Mary Chain (The) 14
Johnny Cash Artiste Pistes
Man Comes Around, The Johnny Cash 15
Solitary Man Johnny Cash 14
Jon Spencer Blues Explosion (The) Artiste Pistes
Acme Jon Spencer Blues Explosion (The) 13
Acme-Plus Jon Spencer Blues Explosion (The) 19
Now I Got Worry Jon Spencer Blues Explosion (The) 16
Orange Jon Spencer Blues Explosion (The) 13
Plastic Fang Jon Spencer Blues Explosion (The) 12
Jones Rickie Lee Artiste Pistes
Flying Cowboys Jones Rickie Lee 11
Pirates Jones Rickie Lee 8
Pop Pop Jones Rickie Lee 12
Rickie Lee Jones Jones Rickie Lee 11
Magazine, The Jones Rickie Lee 10
Traffic from Paradise Jones Rickie Lee 10
Joy Division Artiste Pistes
Best of / 1977-1980 Joy Division 17
Closer Joy Division 9
Still Joy Division 20
Unknown Pleasures Joy Division 10
Juliette and the Licks Artiste Pistes
Four On The Floor Juliette and the Licks 10
Like A Bolt Of Lightning Juliette and the Licks 6
You're Speaking My Language Juliette and the Licks 11
Justice Artiste Pistes
Audio Video Disco Justice 11
Woman Justice 10
Cross Justice 12
We Are Your Friends Justice 2
Kasabian Artiste Pistes
Kasabian Kasabian 13
Empire Kasabian 11
West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum Kasabian 12
Kate Jackson Artiste Pistes
British Road Movies Kate Jackson 10
Kavinsky Artiste Pistes
Outrun Kavinsky 13
Kevin Rudolf Artiste Pistes
In the City Kevin Rudolf 12
To the Sky Kevin Rudolf 11
Kills (The) Artiste Pistes
Midnight Boom Kills (The) 13
Knife (The) Artiste Pistes
Silent Shout Knife (The) 11
Knife, The Knife (The) 11
Deep Cuts Knife (The) 13
L7 Artiste Pistes
Bricks Are Heavy L7 11
Hungry for Stink L7 12
LCD Soundsystem Artiste Pistes
LCD Soundsystem LCD Soundsystem 16
Sound of Silver LCD Soundsystem 9
This Is Happening LCD Soundsystem 9
Ladytron Artiste Pistes
604 Ladytron 16
Light and Magic Ladytron 15
Witching Hour Ladytron 13
Velocifero Ladytron 13
Laura Veirs Artiste Pistes
Year of Meteors Laura Veirs 14
Carbon Glacier Laura Veirs 13
Warp and Weft Laura Veirs 12
Le Tigre Artiste Pistes
Feminist Sweepstakes Le Tigre 13
Le Tigre Le Tigre 12
This Island Le Tigre 13
Led Zeppelin Artiste Pistes
Best of / Remasters Led Zeppelin 26
Lennon John Artiste Pistes
Rock and Roll Lennon John 13
Lincoln Abbey Artiste Pistes
You Gotta Pay the Band Lincoln Abbey 10
Lisa Gerrard Artiste Pistes
Silver Tree, The Lisa Gerrard 13
Live Artiste Pistes
Throwing Copper Live 14
Liz Phair Artiste Pistes
Exile in Guyville Liz Phair 18
Whip-Smart Liz Phair 14
Whitechocolatespaceegg Liz Phair 16
Louise Attaque Artiste Pistes
Comme on a Dit Louise Attaque 13
Louise Attaque Louise Attaque 14
Louiss Eddy Artiste Pistes
Sang Mêlé Louiss Eddy 8
Lovemakers (The) Artiste Pistes
Times of Romance Lovemakers (The) 14
Lynyrd Skynyrd Artiste Pistes
Pronounced Lehnerd Skinnerd Lynyrd Skynyrd 8
Second Helping Lynyrd Skynyrd 8
M83 Artiste Pistes
Hurry Up, We're Dreaming M83 22
Madonna Artiste Pistes
American Life Madonna 11
Confessions on a Dance Floor Madonna 12
Hard Candy Madonna 12
Music Madonna 11
Ray of Light Madonna 13
Magnapop Artiste Pistes
Hot Boxing Magnapop 14
Magnapop Magnapop 9
Mouthfeel Magnapop 11
Rubbing Doesn't Help Magnapop 13
Mano Negra Artiste Pistes
Best of Mano Negra 24
Massive Attack Artiste Pistes
Mezzanine Massive Attack 11
Matmatah Artiste Pistes
Archie Kramer Matmatah 12
La Ouache Matmatah 13
Mazzy Star Artiste Pistes
Among My Swan Mazzy Star 12
She Hangs Brightly Mazzy Star 11
So Tonight That I Might See Mazzy Star 10
Mercury Rev Artiste Pistes
Deserter's Songs Mercury Rev 11
Metric Artiste Pistes
Grow Up And Blow Away Metric 12
Live It Out Metric 10
Old World Underground, Where Are You Now ? Metric 10
Static Anonymity Metric 5
Fantasies Metric 13
Synthetica Metric 16
Pagans in Vegas Metric 12
Mirwais Artiste Pistes
Production Mirwais 9
Miss Kittin Artiste Pistes
First Album Miss Kittin 14
I Com Miss Kittin 12
Live at Sonar Miss Kittin 18
Orange Miss Kittin 10
Two Miss Kittin 11
Missing Persons Artiste Pistes
Best of Missing Persons, The Missing Persons 15
Mitchell Joni Artiste Pistes
Hejira Mitchell Joni 9
Moby Artiste Pistes
18 Moby 18
Play Moby 18
Hotel Moby 15
Last Night Moby 14
Morphine Artiste Pistes
Cure for Pain Morphine 13
Good Morphine 13
Muse Artiste Pistes
Origin of Symmetry Muse 11
Black Holes And Revelations Muse 11
My Bloody Valentine Artiste Pistes
Isn't Anything My Bloody Valentine 12
Loveless My Bloody Valentine 11
Naked And Famous (The) Artiste Pistes
Passive Me Aggressive You Naked And Famous (The) 13
In Rolling Waves Naked And Famous (The) 12
Simple Forms Naked And Famous (The) 10
Neil Young Artiste Pistes
Best of / Decade Neil Young 35
Mirror Ball Neil Young 11
Rust Never Sleeps Neil Young 9
Ragged Glory Neil Young 10
Zuma Neil Young 9
Freedom Neil Young 12
New Order Artiste Pistes
Best of / Substance 1987 New Order 24
Get Ready New Order 10
Low-Life New Order 8
Power, Corruption and Lies New Order 8
Substance New Order 12
Technique New Order 9
New York Dolls (The) Artiste Pistes
Seven Day Weekend New York Dolls (The) 19
Nirvana Artiste Pistes
In Utero Nirvana 12
Nevermind Nirvana 12
Noir Désir Artiste Pistes
666.667 Club Noir Désir 12
Des Visages Des Figures Noir Désir 12
Dies Irae Noir Désir 22
Noir Désir En Public Noir Désir 24
Tostaky Noir Désir 12
Noisettes Artiste Pistes
Whats The Time Mr Wolf ? Noisettes 10
Norah Jones Artiste Pistes
Come Away with Me Norah Jones 14
Not Too Late Norah Jones 13
Oasis Artiste Pistes
(What's the Story) Morning Glory ? Oasis 12
Be Here Now Oasis 12
Definitely Maybe Oasis 12
Standing on the Shoulders of Giants Oasis 10
Masterplan, The Oasis 14
Odesza Artiste Pistes
A Moment Apart Odesza 16
Offspring (The) Artiste Pistes
Americana Offspring (The) 13
Conspiracy of One Offspring (The) 13
Ignition Offspring (The) 12
Ixnay on the Hombre Offspring (The) 14
Smash Offspring (The) 14
Offspring, The Offspring (The) 11
Orchestral Manoevres in the Dark Artiste Pistes
Pacific Age, The Orchestral Manoevres in the Dark 10
Organ (The) Artiste Pistes
Grab That Gun Organ (The) 10
PJ Harvey Artiste Pistes
4-Track Demos PJ Harvey 14
A Perfect Day Elise PJ Harvey 3
A Woman and a Man Walked by PJ Harvey 10
B-Sides PJ Harvey 6
Dry PJ Harvey 11
Is This Desire ? PJ Harvey 12
Rid of Me PJ Harvey 14
Stories from the City, Stories from the Sea PJ Harvey 13
Letter, The PJ Harvey 3
Wind, The PJ Harvey 3
To Bring You My Love PJ Harvey 10
Uh Huh Her PJ Harvey 14
Let England Shake PJ Harvey 12
PJ Harvey and John Parish Artiste Pistes
Dance Hall at Louse Point PJ Harvey and John Parish 12
Papas Fritas Artiste Pistes
Buildings and Grounds Papas Fritas 13
Peaches Artiste Pistes
Teaches of Peaches (The) Peaches 11
Pearl Jam Artiste Pistes
No Code Pearl Jam 18
Pearl Jam Pearl Jam 13
Riot Act Pearl Jam 16
Ten Pearl Jam 14
Vitalogy Pearl Jam 14
Vs Pearl Jam 12
Backspacer Pearl Jam 11
Peter Gabriel Artiste Pistes
Intruder Peter Gabriel 10
Moribund the Burgermeister Peter Gabriel 9
On the Air Peter Gabriel 11
Rhythm of the Heat, The Peter Gabriel 8
Plays Live / Highlights Peter Gabriel 12
So Peter Gabriel 9
Us Peter Gabriel 10
Phoenix Artiste Pistes
Alphabetical Phoenix 10
United Phoenix 10
Pine Courtney Artiste Pistes
Journey to the Urge Within Pine Courtney 12
Ping Pong Bitches Artiste Pistes
Alphadog Ping Pong Bitches 12
Pink Floyd Artiste Pistes
Wall, The Pink Floyd 26
Wish You Were Here Pink Floyd 5
Pixies (The) Artiste Pistes
Bossanova Pixies (The) 14
Complete 'B Sides Pixies (The) 19
Doolittle Pixies (The) 15
Live / Gone to Heaven Pixies (The) 18
Live / Subbacultcha Pixies (The) 22
Pixies at the BBC Pixies (The) 15
Planet of Sound Pixies (The) 4
Surfer Rosa and Come on Pilgrim Pixies (The) 21
Trompe Le Monde Pixies (The) 15
Indie Cindy Pixies (The) 12
Head Carrier Pixies (The) 12
Placebo Artiste Pistes
Battle for the Sun Placebo 13
Covers Placebo 10
Meds Placebo 13
Placebo Placebo 10
Sleeping with Ghosts Placebo 13
Without You I'm Nothing Placebo 12
Loud Like Love Placebo 10
Pop Iggy Artiste Pistes
Brick by Brick Pop Iggy 14
Lust for Life Pop Iggy 9
Porcupine Tree Artiste Pistes
Fear of a Blank Planet Porcupine Tree 6
Pornophonique Artiste Pistes
8-Bit Lagerfeuer Pornophonique 8
Primal Scream Artiste Pistes
Dirty Hits Primal Scream 18
Dirty Hits Bonus Remixes Primal Scream 13
Evil Heat Primal Scream 11
Screamadelica Primal Scream 11
Xtrmntr Primal Scream 11
Prodigy (The) Artiste Pistes
Always Outnumbered Never Outgunned Prodigy (The) 12
Music for the Jilted Generation Prodigy (The) 13
Fat of the Land, The Prodigy (The) 10
Pulp Artiste Pistes
Different Class Pulp 12
His 'n Hers Pulp 11
This Is Hardcore Pulp 12
Queens of the Stone Age Artiste Pistes
Songs for the Deaf Queens of the Stone Age 15
Radiohead Artiste Pistes
Amnesiac Radiohead 11
Hail to the Thief Radiohead 14
In Rainbows Radiohead 18
Kid A Radiohead 10
OK Computer Radiohead 12
Bends, The Radiohead 12
Ramones (The) Artiste Pistes
Loco Live Ramones (The) 33
Reed Lou Artiste Pistes
Best of / Retro Reed Lou 17
New York Reed Lou 14
Reverend Horton Heat (The) Artiste Pistes
Liquor in the Front Reverend Horton Heat (The) 13
Full Custom Gospel Sounds, The Reverend Horton Heat (The) 12
Rinôçérôse Artiste Pistes
Music Kills Me Rinôçérôse 12
Schizophonia Rinôçérôse 12
Futurinô Rinôçérôse 10
Robots in Disguise Artiste Pistes
Get Rid Robots in Disguise 11
Robots in Disguise Robots in Disguise 11
Were in the Music Biz Robots in Disguise 10
Rocket from the Crypt Artiste Pistes
Group Sounds Rocket from the Crypt 16
RFTC Rocket from the Crypt 13
Scream Dracula Scream ! Rocket from the Crypt 14
Rodrigo Y Gabriela Artiste Pistes
Rodrigo Y Gabriela Rodrigo Y Gabriela 9
Rolling Stones (The) Artiste Pistes
Best of / Hot Rocks 1 Rolling Stones (The) 12
Best of / Hot Rocks 2 Rolling Stones (The) 9
Best of / Rewind Rolling Stones (The) 13
Ruby Artiste Pistes
Salt Peter Ruby 11
Sade Artiste Pistes
Diamond Life Sade 9
Promise Sade 11
Stronger Than Pride Sade 10
Saint Germain Artiste Pistes
Boulevard Saint Germain 8
Tourist Saint Germain 9
Santogold Artiste Pistes
Santogold Santogold 12
Satriani Joe Artiste Pistes
Surfing with the Alien Satriani Joe 10
Extremist, The Satriani Joe 10
Time Machine Satriani Joe 28
Satriani Joe + Johnson + Vaï Artiste Pistes
G3 - Live in Concert Satriani Joe + Johnson + Vaï 12
Scissor Sisters Artiste Pistes
Best Of Scissor Sisters 24
Scott Mike Artiste Pistes
Bring ' Em All in Scott Mike 13
Shaka Ponk Artiste Pistes
Geeks And The Jerkin Socks, The Shaka Ponk 12
Loco Con Da Frenchy Talkin Shaka Ponk 16
Bad Porn Movie Trax Shaka Ponk 14
White Pixel Ape, The Shaka Ponk 13
Black Pixel Ape, The Shaka Ponk 13
Evol, The Shaka Ponk 13
Silencers (The) Artiste Pistes
A Blues for Buddha Silencers (The) 11
A Letter from St Paul Silencers (The) 10
Dance to the Holly Man Silencers (The) 15
Seconds of Pleasure Silencers (The) 12
So Be It Silencers (The) 12
Simon Paul and Art Garfunkel Artiste Pistes
Best of / The Simon and Garfunkel Collection Simon Paul and Art Garfunkel 17
Simple Minds Artiste Pistes
In the City of Light Simple Minds 14
Once Upon a Time Simple Minds 8
Real Life Simple Minds 12
Street Fighting Years Simple Minds 11
Acoustic Simple Minds 12
New Gold Dream Simple Minds 9
Sparkle in the Rain Simple Minds 10
Sinead O' Connor Artiste Pistes
Am I Not Your Girl ? Sinead O' Connor 12
I Do Not Want What I Havan't Got Sinead O' Connor 10
Lion and the Cobra, The Sinead O' Connor 9
Siouxie and the Banshees Artiste Pistes
Best of / Twice Upon a Time Siouxie and the Banshees 18
Sister Vanilla Artiste Pistes
Little Pop Rock Sister Vanilla 9
Sisters of Mercy (The) Artiste Pistes
A Slight Case of Overbombing Sisters of Mercy (The) 12
First and Last and Always Sisters of Mercy (The) 10
Floodland Sisters of Mercy (The) 10
Some Girls Wander by Mistake Sisters of Mercy (The) 19
Vision Thing Sisters of Mercy (The) 8
Skatebard Artiste Pistes
Cosmos Skatebard 13
Skip the Use Artiste Pistes
Can Be Late Skip the Use 14
Little Armageddon Skip the Use 15
Sleater-Kinney Artiste Pistes
All Hands on the Bad One Sleater-Kinney 13
Call the Doctor Sleater-Kinney 12
Dig Me out Sleater-Kinney 13
One Beat Sleater-Kinney 12
Hot Rock, The Sleater-Kinney 13
Woods, The Sleater-Kinney 10
No Cities to Love Sleater-Kinney 10
Smaching Pumpkins (The) Artiste Pistes
Adore Smaching Pumpkins (The) 15
Gish Smaching Pumpkins (The) 10
Machina the Machines of God Smaching Pumpkins (The) 15
Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness Smaching Pumpkins (The) 28
Siamese Dream Smaching Pumpkins (The) 13
Still Becoming Apart Smaching Pumpkins (The) 5
Zeitgeist Smaching Pumpkins (The) 12
Smith Patti Artiste Pistes
Easter Smith Patti 11
Horses Smith Patti 8
Wave Smith Patti 9
Smiths (The) Artiste Pistes
Best of / 1 Smiths (The) 14
Best of / 2 Smiths (The) 14
Soko Artiste Pistes
Not Sokute Soko 5
Sonic Youth Artiste Pistes
Daydream Nation Sonic Youth 12
Dirty Sonic Youth 15
Experimental Jet Set, Trash and No Star Sonic Youth 14
Goo Sonic Youth 11
Rather Ripped Sonic Youth 12
Sister Sonic Youth 11
Sonic Nurse Sonic Youth 10
Washing Machine Sonic Youth 11
Sounds (The) Artiste Pistes
Dying to Say This to You Sounds (The) 16
Living in America Sounds (The) 11
Crossing The Rubicon Sounds (The) 12
Weekend Sounds (The) 11
Springsteen Bruce Artiste Pistes
Born in the USA Springsteen Bruce 12
Born to Run Springsteen Bruce 8
Stereolab Artiste Pistes
Dots and Loops Stereolab 10
Emperor Tomato Ketchup Stereolab 13
Stone Roses (The) Artiste Pistes
Stone Roses (The) Stone Roses (The) 13
Second Coming Stone Roses (The) 12
Stooges (The) Artiste Pistes
Fun House Stooges (The) 7
Raw Power Stooges (The) 8
Stooges, The Stooges (The) 8
Sugar Artiste Pistes
File Under Easy Listening Sugar 10
Superbus Artiste Pistes
Aeromusical Superbus 12
Lova Lova Superbus 12
Pop'n'gum Superbus 14
Wow Superbus 14
Sunset Superbus 12
Sixtape Superbus 14
Tangerine Dream Artiste Pistes
Near Dark Tangerine Dream 11
Tarmac Artiste Pistes
L'atelier Tarmac 14
Notre Époque Tarmac 14
Tears for Fears Artiste Pistes
Songs from the Big Chair Tears for Fears 8
Tegan and Sara Artiste Pistes
If It Was You Tegan and Sara 12
So Jealous Tegan and Sara 14
Heartthrob Tegan and Sara 12
Sainthood Tegan and Sara 13
That Petrol Emotion Artiste Pistes
Chemicrazy That Petrol Emotion 12
Fire Proof That Petrol Emotion 10
The, The Artiste Pistes
Burning Blue Soul The, The 10
Disinfected The, The 4
Dogs of Lust The, The 4
Dusk The, The 10
Hanky Panky The, The 11
Infected The, The 11
Mind Bomb The, The 8
Nakedself The, The 12
Slow Emotion Replay The, The 2
Soul Mining The, The 8
Thiefaine Hubert-Felix Artiste Pistes
Best of / Thiefaine 84-88 Thiefaine Hubert-Felix 10
H-F Thiefaine En Concert Thiefaine Hubert-Felix 19
Thiersen Yann Artiste Pistes
Le Fabuleux Destin D'Amélie Poulain Thiersen Yann 20
Throwing Muses Artiste Pistes
Real Ramona, The Throwing Muses 12
University Throwing Muses 14
Ting Tings (The) Artiste Pistes
We Started Nothing Ting Tings (The) 10
Sounds from Nowheresville Ting Tings (The) 10
Toasted Heretic Artiste Pistes
Mindless Optimism Toasted Heretic 10
Tori Amos Artiste Pistes
Little Earthquakes Tori Amos 12
Under the Pink Tori Amos 12
Traci Lords Artiste Pistes
1000 Fires Traci Lords 10
Tuck and Patti Artiste Pistes
Tears of Joy Tuck and Patti 10
Tv on the Radio Artiste Pistes
Desperate Youth Blood Thirsty Babes Tv on the Radio 9
Return to Cookie Mountain Tv on the Radio 11
Téléphone Artiste Pistes
Le Live Téléphone 16
U2 Artiste Pistes
Achtung Baby U2 12
All That You Can't Leave Behind U2 11
Boy U2 11
Covering Them U2 15
How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb U2 11
October U2 11
Pop U2 12
Rattle and Hum U2 17
Joshua Tree, The U2 11
Unforgettable Fire, The U2 10
Under a Blood Red Sky U2 8
War U2 10
Wide Awake in America U2 4
Zooropa U2 10
No Line On The Horizon U2 11
Underworld Artiste Pistes
Underworld 1992-2002 Underworld 16
Barking Underworld 9
Everything, Everything Underworld 8
VAST Artiste Pistes
Visual Audio Sensory Theater VAST 12
VNV Nation Artiste Pistes
Advance and Follow VNV Nation 15
Empires VNV Nation 10
Futureperfect VNV Nation 12
Judgement VNV Nation 10
Matter And Form VNV Nation 11
Of Faith, Power And Glory VNV Nation 10
Praise the Fallen VNV Nation 12
Van Morisson Artiste Pistes
Astral Weeks Van Morisson 8
Best of Van Morisson 20
Velvet Underground (The) Artiste Pistes
Best of Velvet Underground (The) 15
Velvet Underground, The Velvet Underground (The) 10
Velvet Underground and Nico, The Velvet Underground (The) 11
White Light / White Heat Velvet Underground (The) 6
Veruca Salt Artiste Pistes
American Thighs Veruca Salt 13
Vitalic Artiste Pistes
OK Cowboy Vitalic 13
Flashmob Vitalic 13
Rave Age Vitalic 12
Waterboys (The) Artiste Pistes
A Pagan Place Waterboys (The) 8
A Rock in the Weary Land Waterboys (The) 12
Book of Lightning Waterboys (The) 10
Dream Harder Waterboys (The) 12
Fisherman's Blues Waterboys (The) 13
Room to Roam Waterboys (The) 17
Waterboys, The Waterboys (The) 8
This Is the Sea Waterboys (The) 9
Universal Hall Waterboys (The) 12
We Start Fires Artiste Pistes
We Start Fires We Start Fires 12
Weezer Artiste Pistes
Pinkerton Weezer 10
Weezer Weezer 10
White Stripes (The) Artiste Pistes
Elephant White Stripes (The) 14
Who (The) Artiste Pistes
Best of / Who's Better, Who's Best Who (The) 18
Xx (The) Artiste Pistes
Xx Xx (The) 11
Coexist Xx (The) 11
I See You Xx (The) 10
Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs Artiste Pistes
Fever to Tell Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs 11
Show Your Bones Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs 11
It's Blitz! Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs 10
Mosquito Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs 11
ZZ Top Artiste Pistes
Chrome, Smoke and BBQ ZZ Top 80